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Recognition of named local First Nations People

Image: Governor Macquarie’s recording of his meeting with Nagaray and his family on Cookbundoon range at Wild’s Pass, 22 October 1820: Yesterday in crossing Wild’s Pass we fell in with Nagaray, a fine old Patriarchal Native of about 70 years of age with his whole Family of Wives, Sons, & Daughters — in all 8 persons — and all of whom Mr. Throsby had engaged to accompany us to the great Salt Water Lake recently discovered by Joseph Wild. —This old man belongs to the Burra-Burra Tribe, of which his son Cookoogong is the Chief. —His next eldest son Bhoohan is a very fine intelligent Lad.

Recognition of Named local First Nations People is an ongoing research project organised by the Mulwaree Aboriginal Community Inc will recognise the names of local First Nations people who have been noted or discussed in early diaries, journals, letters, newspapers, etc.  These include, for example:

Coocoogong (Cookoogong) who guided explorer Charles Throsby over the Cookbundoon to Bathurst,

Nagaray (father of Coocoogong) and son Bhoohan who met Macquarie at the top of the Cookbundoon to guide Macquarie’s party to Weereewaa,

Taree who guided Throsby to the Murrumbidgee,

Bian and Duall who were interpreters for Throsby,

Primbrubna who named the principal hills from the summit of Tongobidya (Mt Towrang),

Billy of Kerrawary

“King” John Cry, “Chief” of the Deudulgong people.  (The Deudolgong people are part of the Cookmai, also known as Mulwaree or Gundary, people)

Mulwaree Tommy, of the Cookmai people.

Kugolgong also known as Kuegolgong  of the Mulwarree/Cookmai/Duedolgong. Buried at Lansdowne Park

Buloo Known (“Billy Blue”) and his three wives were known in the Marulan area.

Jimmy Hamilton and Burra Burra Jimmy assisted in the tracking of escaped convicts in Tasmania in 1844. 

Yarraginny,  “Chief” of the Wollondilly 

Charlie Tara of Taralga – he died in 1847 and was buried at Richlands near Burra Burra (Coocogong’s country)

“King”Andy Lane (Ngunnawal ) and his mob used to camp just west of Goulburn . (He is believed to  have died in Goulburn)

Ned Carroll and Paddy Gilman were language and customs informants to RH Matthews (Matthews assisted Tindale in mapping the Aboriginal Languages of Australia)

Over 100 Aboriginal people recorded as visiting Goulburn to receive blankets in 1837, 1838 and 1843

.  . . and many others.

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