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Lake George: its History and Myths with Patrick de Deckker

Lake George/Weereewaa is a fascinating place that has interested many people for millennia. This year marks the 200th anniversary of the visit to the lake by Governor Lachlan Macquarie who …

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New Australians in the Goulburn area – a wave of migration 1940s-60 with Nadia Johnson (nee Koschenow)

‘Populate or perish’ was the catch-cry of our nation after the terrible effects of World War II. Australia also needed hard working people to work on public works programs. One …

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Indigenous Weaving Workshops

As a highlight of Goulburn 2020, Southern Tablelands Arts will present Indigenous weaving workshops for local schools 21-23 October.  The workshops will be led by Ronnie Jordan from  Culture on …

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Recognition of named local First Nations People

Image: Governor Macquarie’s recording of his meeting with Nagaray and his family on Cookbundoon range at Wild’s Pass, 22 October 1820: Yesterday in crossing Wild’s Pass we fell in with …

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Tambelin visits Rocky Hill

On Thursday 15th October Tambelin children will walk to Rocky Hill to view the city and surrounding areas. The students will be exploring the changes in the landscape and make predictions …

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COVID-19 Restrictions

All Goulburn 2020 events and activities are subject to Covid-19 restrictions and cannot be confirmed at this stage.  People’s health and safety are the priority,

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