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1901 Publication of ‘My Brilliant Career’ by Miles Franklin

Miles Franklin (Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin) wrote ‘My Brilliant Career’ while living on her family’s dairy farm, Stillwater, at Thornford (between Goulburn and Collector) in 1898.  The novel was published in 1901.  Franklin was born at Talbingo NSW in 1879 and moved with her family to Stillwater in 1889.  She attended Thornford Public School with her siblings.  She is known to have written articles for the Goulburn Evening Penny Post, whose editor T J Hebblewhite had advised her in 1896 to write about what was familiar to her – to write about Australia.  Hebblewhite worked with Franklin to edit her ‘My Brilliant Career’ manuscript which she then sent to Henry Lawson who gave it to his London publisher for publication.

The book was being advertised for sale at Foxall’s in Goulburn in September 1901

In 1910, Miles Franklin vetoed any further print-runs of her very successful novel until ten years after her death.  She died in 1954, and ‘My Brilliant Career’ was republished again to great acclaim.

Image sourced from the State Library of New South Wales


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